Why is the Indian System Designed to Keep you Poor and Mediocre?

When India was made the politicians how good they may be became greedy kept power of God to control the public with themselves, and offered fake freedom to its people and citizens. This is how most nation’s governments prefer as well, but India succeeded. Every freedom is fake when  you set a clause that it can be taken away by a law passed by the parliament, which means as long as we serve the politicians’ happiness you can speak, no further. Continue reading “Why is the Indian System Designed to Keep you Poor and Mediocre?”

Breaking the Republic’s Trust – India’s Tyranny

Modern India though launched with a promise of freedom to its citizens empowered the government excessively to deliver such a promise. That was it’s first mistake. Just like India tries to make many good products, which are never good enough, as in they fail at crash test, but work when it’s all good, so seems to be it’s laws and promise of the Republic. Continue reading “Breaking the Republic’s Trust – India’s Tyranny”