Breaking the Republic’s Trust – India’s Tyranny

Modern India though launched with a promise of freedom to its citizens empowered the government excessively to deliver such a promise. That was it’s first mistake. Just like India tries to make many good products, which are never good enough, as in they fail at crash test, but work when it’s all good, so seems to be it’s laws and promise of the Republic.

The world over change came from the people, at ground level with an understanding and deep education of human rights. In India ground level people were not concerned with the details as is its mentality even today in every sphere. They were as are today interested in broad information and the result. The constitution was obviously planned and written by few people themselves for everyone without taking it through any stress tests. The Stress Test came in 2000s and the pillars and foundation of its constitution is falling apart like anything.

Indian Justice Paralyses

Upholder of citizen rights has to be the courts today the guardian of constitution, yet there is little education for the courts on rights of citizen as a course. Their response in recent times demonstrates they know nothing of any philosophies especially John Locke or Kant, nor have they bothered to understand Justice, such as advocated eloquently in series On Justice, Michael Sandel, Harvard University. Which is the reason obvious why an Advocate like Jaitley was appointed as minister, the aim to understand policy and constitution by the presiding PM. His focus is obvious in helping the Prime Minister plan his game keeping the Courts in check, technically. The courts in turn are paralysed with the excellence of right moves, maybe to their own satisfaction.

How the Lie was Launched

It was done in the time of older regime Congress, by creating a large scheme of biometric cards that were forced on people. It was launched by the idea it is voluntary if someone desires government benefits. People become suspicisous which is why the government, such as a doctors tells you to remain calm before a surgery, laid to rest. It’s aim was what is done under BJP, to enforce Aadhar ID on every citizen of India.

They lost the next election and BJP came in. The Pro-People Prime Minister, a very emptional crying man, assured the Aadhar was to be applied on all citizens in every area of their lives, and the government will track every activity they perform, from phone call, banking, credit card, or registration of homes and more.

Supreme Court looks today like a part of the Aadhar Conspiracy because it is working in tandem with the executive. At one order it says Aadhar ID cannot be voluntary, and on the other it lets the government get away with its crime.

Ongoing Violation of Human Rights – This is how Tyranny starts.

As of now, the government is forcing people, who did not consent as a majority, to link their biometric card to their private lives and interactions in society. This is how Tyranny starts. It is currently forced on link to their bank account lest they may not access their own money and accounts frozen, to their credit cards, even phones. Apparantly the government has deemed the citizen criminal and usurped their rights to enjoy freedom in a free country without violation of privacy and practice.

Government has assumed, it is not by the people or for it. It is the other way round. Government is the ruler, whilst its people are subjects that must do its bid or be outcasted from the government’s land. This is how tyranny starts.

Violation of Private Property Right and Banning the Money

This same government in 2016, overnight banned 90% of private cash property i.e. the currency notes and gave the people few days to deposit all the money they had into the banks. Hundreds of people died standing in lines and in the rush. No one is to be blamed for deaths caused by rash decision. Then it banned currency’s use by the people and only transact in electronic manner. There was no citizen’s discussion as in democracy, or a debate. There was no feedback taken. It was an order and people had to follow or lose.

Promise to pay the bearer was violated. This is how tyranny starts. All this while Indian courts gave lame judgements that were not enforced making it an accessory to the dictation of the government.

Government System of India no longer can be trusted.

What government has done has eroded the confidence in the idea of India. As of now the national idea of free republic no longer exists. We are on our way into tyrannical times, speaheaded by the current prime minister. A pre-set structure today stands between tyranny and freedom, but it is broken down every day through dirty politics. Watch daily news and it becomes clear that various agencies are utilized by this government’s top office to instill fear in every element of society.

The element of Checks and Balances is the first casualty. Greed has a large part to play and oligarchs are in the game. The future of private Indian citizen is in dire danger of slavery, a subject of state, when soon enough certain laws will be introduced where voting too may not matter. It is on its way to ruler and the ruled.

Future of India 2017 to 2027

India as it was I see its rise as it is today to optimum. We will see pockets of prosperity, but overall I see the decay and decline imminent. The Prime Minister will oversee the demise of a nation. He too will die cause of natural death but he will take this nation down with him. All the people who supported him will too be responsible for death of a national idea for greed. India was an experiment and given to the culture of its people. The people are to divided to build a nation with the right idea.

I do not think the present government has good intentions. Laying that to rest, if all the the subjugative actions are not rolled back, the nation is into decline and end by 2027. If the current regime lives on, and Indians are happy as subjects and slaves, then it is possible India could go China way. If however Indians cherish their freedom and Republic, the demoralization will cut in leading a downward trend.

Populations will grow but not enough resources will be available for everyone. Money dries up in inflation. The fight over resource will continue. Corporates will throw out the loser, choose another. The real fix is when government cannot pay its people and Armed forces for lack of funds, dried out. It is set to be an ugly play out.

How can the death of nation be halted.

If at all Congress can come back to power, it has to do unlike its nature (Unless Congress is a part of the deal, the second hand). It has to rebuild India’s institutional checks and balances, empower the courts, create republic’s safety feature that no future prime minister can subvert. It HAS HAS HAS to give people Access to Arms against Tyranny in Bill or Rights! Else next time we may have no chance, as now, and it succeeds. Every Indian must have right to overthrow a tyrannical government and put back republic in order.

Education is critical, education of  Republic, Government, and Human Rights. The reason we are in a soup is because most of us were fooled. But while most educated people whiffed out the tyranny, the uneducated in matter of republic are still following the Pied Piper and our boat is sinking.

No God is coming to Save You

Nations live and nations die. Where the people don’t deserve a republic they get a tyrant.

NUMBER: 1593
AUTHOR: Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

  “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

ATTRIBUTION: The response is attributed to BENJAMIN FRANKLIN—at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation—in the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention.

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