Why is the Indian System Designed to Keep you Poor and Mediocre?

When India was made the politicians how good they may be became greedy kept power of God to control the public with themselves, and offered fake freedom to its people and citizens. This is how most nation’s governments prefer as well, but India succeeded. Every freedom is fake when  you set a clause that it can be taken away by a law passed by the parliament, which means as long as we serve the politicians’ happiness you can speak, no further.

Since then the government has always been tyrannical, its not new for India. They have always kept people under the thumb and taken people’s hard earned money back as taxes. In past the way of its control was government will own every element of India’s functionality and peopple will serve the government. This was how Congress launched India. These were days of India’s socialism following Russia. The system collapsed and while the government wanted to keep the same control, it was collapsing with failure of economy. They had to open the opportunities for private enterprise in 1993. Slowly as resource moved into the hands of private, the successes made private enteprise stronger.

Over time the economy was opened to the world as part of the planet. Iron curtain was lowered. Yet the principle aim of Indian governments through every action has always been to keep control. It sees its survival in keeping the populations under control.

The poor people in India have always remianed poor and on subsidies. The Robin Hood economics have played out to tax the productive excessively, charge everyone, and offer poor subsidy and freebies to keep coming to power.  There was a time where the learned P. Chidambram with a currently eloquence, applied tax of expenses called FBT, so much was a international finance graduate from the west. Apparantly his Southern Indian Communist DNA could not be modified or redirected to progressive Western Free Market System.

Poor in India have remained poor all over. Governments never focused on serious education because that means governments must perform. People wont accept bull they deliver currently and one may even see revolutions. However an illiterate and badly educated excessively religions community can be fooled. Thus the poorest man in India will not die. He can travel, enjoy, eat, live, get shelter but he wont get good education, and a mind that can think.

The ideas may change but the Principle remains.

Come Modi, a new man with new ideas, he works towards opening the economy but he trusts no Indian citizen, and forcefully tags everyone’s every action with Aadhar biometric card. Every action the individual does will be reported to a central database of an all powerful government. In the same time we expands various teeth of the government by launching NIA, and expanding on other agencies. Whilst, he downgrades and cows the people’s hope the Supreme Court of India. His aim, a kind of progress as so directed and commanded to the subjects of Indian Government the people.

The idea of India is evident as a Deficient Model, Ultimately.

India offers an excessive government, that believes in total control, it offers people freedom to pay taxes and harasses them through various departments. The Indian government wants meek subjects that put their head down and go to work. It would like to create international associations calling various out of India financial entities to invest in association with the government’s crony capitalists. The rest of India must never aspire, instead go to work looking for jobs and pay their taxes.

This is the idea of the new government.

Difference between God and Satanic belief

To me God (Deva) offers freedom and Satan (Asura/Rakshasa) does what the current prime minister believes in. God gave us freedom on earth. The land is that of God, not of a government (assembly of mafia). Our lives and actions are owned by god. People that believe taking away other’s rights is good are too following Satanic diktat. In God’s kingdom, human is given complete freedom to progress and is under no one. In Satan’s he is under the control and not allowed free will. To me therefore all actions of the current P.M. and even the previous are more in tune with Satan than any Godly element of it.

One is known good by deeds. You cannot pray to Gods and do the deeds of Satan.

India Needs Education through All Levels Seriously.

Unless India is educated well, it will keep succumbing to Satanic governments that have controlled it since so called Freedom. For every Indian to be wealthy and progressed, you dont need to chain other free people, you need to rise up through education making a government that gives you more freedom.

If a Prime Minister tells you they will make rich people lose sleep, don’t laugh, you’re deleting your own future. This man is not happy with anyone that succeeds. It also means if you become rich through education, you too will be his enemy. Thus, in other words the P.M. is happy for your misery. As long as you are poor and in his control, he will assure neither you rise, or others. You must only keep sending him to Racecourse as India’s Prime Minister where he himself shall fly on private boeings, use BMW cars, and hob knob with world entities. You my poor friend are the Vanara on which he rides.

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