Generation X, Get Ready for your Next Role

Into 2018, Gen-X has a bigger role to play. While I thought our job was basically done, I had no idea Gen-X for the values it holds, for the type of people we are, are needed again to make a change by holding on to our values, not forgetting them to absorb the now maybe that of millennials.

If this isn’t you, then you missed G-X time:
– Politically Incorrect.
– Rebel
– Dissenter and even
– World Connector

Gen-X was the period where islands of nations broke cultural barriers and became a global village. It was an era when the Berlin Wall fell. A time when old school iron curtain and cold wars ended to create international alliances.

It was a time when family pop n mom stores of neighborhood dared to go national and the nationals went multi national, from banks to cars to magazines and yes to clothing an apparel. Free press, democracy, and liberation came off Gen-X. It was a period when government trust went low, and high because the govs behaved to a powerful dissenting public.

This world will always have villains and while millennial are a great liberal “junta” that is well behaved, it lacks the quality of dissent. Instead the millennial is a consenter of powers above. The problem of millennial is its a perfect slave material that works well in guided conditions. They cannot be handed the baton, and thus the Gen-X must pick it up again, take it back and take the values on, in every sphere.

Our work is not finished.

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