Why really men don’t fancy big women, and won’t. Top 10 Reasons.

My search for the article leads me to a bust sort of.

I was researching an article to know why really, men, do not like to have a big woman (extra pounds) as their choice of partner over thinner women?  At the outset I questioned if that was real or just socio cultural, searching online. The first search page wasn’t so educating, it was filled with feminist articles instead. I was able to find one that said “Why men don’t fancy big women“.

Either I didn’t read through or missed, but I clicked to only find a suffix inside .. But Should. It was by author, a Katy Horwood. I did think before that it was courageous of Huffpost UK to even try that article out and nearly increased my respect for an otherwise well known left/feminist media. Ofcourse this was short lived.

I wasn’t searching the answer because I didn’t know. It was there to know what others knew too. Unfortunately if they did, I couldn’t find one. As I realized from the context of the article, she really didn’t know too, i.e. the author.

I realize there are men and women searching for a true material on this question, thus, I’d better write a real set of natural reasons that makes much more sense than the hogwash dished by Huffpost sort of media to keep women from getting empowered.

I do realize its obviously about money and marketshare.

The whole fat and plus size has had a good ride, and read by most of the category audience. The lack of empowerment made them seek solace, and “their truth” of the matter. Enough media is there to get this financio-economic segment’s attention. Why would they ever tell the secret to women?

If someone just blared the truth out today and most women, out of shape, corrected this, billions and billions in stock (because its not a real currency) would be lost. Companies would go out of business.

Multi-millionnaire feminists and representations would be just equal to them in status if not even lesser, instead of playing with their minds, and attaining empowering financial success, over the lost souls.

There’s a whole industry that have built their career and earnings defending the plus size advocating women it’s okay, when it clearly, naturally, emotionally, evidently, not okay to be fat and big.

This point itself deserves an exclusive article and some fact figures, numbers but lets get on with the reasons why men don’t and won’t fancy big women.

The 10 reasons men won’t fancy big / large women, and they shouldn’t.

  1. Men are naturally vary of size.
  2. Desire is youth and availability.
  3. Smell of health (genes).
  4. Inclined to equipment, decline to sluggish.
  5. Adventurers by nature?
  6. More efficient is superiority.
  7. Optimized sexual partner.
  8. Standards of privilege.
  9. From a privileged ancestry.
  10. Men mirror their own aspirations as quality.

Katy in Huffpost feels at a point, how frustrating it was to have so many men single. Rather than enjoying qualities of big women they remained single. She misses that it is nature at play to safeguard, and direct survival of the fittest, ingrained inside every human body’s DNA, at least the successful part of races. It must select automatically another equipment that meets and excels the right specifications, for offspring.

The A.I. that is the Body, is Pre-programmed Intelligence for the Operator.

I believe with experience and clairvoyance that each of us have two intelligent beings combined in one. We have the spiritual intelligence (empathy, sacrifice, righteousness, civility, and nobility) which lives with an AI sort for it, an intelligent body (Survival, Fight & Flight) that keeps a different parameter of operations. Which is also why, we can’t control millions of functions inside this body.

It happens by its own mechanism. We do not understand the operational mechanics of this intelligent machine completely. Most of us will only know how to run its basic functions that send a clear signal, to which we react.

  • You want to eat, normally because you are hungry. You are hungry because your body sends that signal, and you react by directing yourself to a food for the body. You watch as the body eats food. When it is satisfied (has enough glucose) the body doesn’t want to eat further. You can’t make it, if you try it will vomit or get sick. We find ourselves wandering away while eating, our minds are calculating, analysing, yet the body sub-consciously does the chewing, drinks water, picks up fork and knife. We need not keep our focus and tell the body to chew on. The body for itself, has its own IQ.
  • When you walk under a 12 O’clock sun without Sun Tan, your body starts burning up while your mind is maybe on other facets. You can’t stay in the sun whilst its sending dire message of pain. If you won’t respond any longer, the body will shut down to save itself. When it reboots, you will gain consciousness.
  • Once you finish eating, the body automatically goes into digestion, breaking down nutrient, convert glucose, store fat, and create waste from the process that goes down through intestines without a thought of your own. Soon enough, you get a signal and wherever you are, or whatever you are busy doing, has to wait. You could be saving mankind and were just fifty steps from pressing the “Save” button. You won’t be able to, because when it’s crossed body’s threshold you have to look for a waste disposal for body’s waste.
  • What I’m implying is, the body is running its own separate command and control. We are spiritual intelligence that have to go by it’s system and we have no control over most mechanics. This includes the factor when the body sees a sort of body of its opposite sex it evaluates and gives the signal, to get ready to mate or not to. Our spiritual intelligence may appreciate such a person’s attributes of similar kind, yet the body is not sending signal to which we then direct it into.

Now that we have another information of the body’s own intelligent pre-ornated system call it “The AI” that exists, let us look at the 10 points that the body sees to give or not give that signal.

Explaining the 10 Reasons why men won’t fancy or desire big women as their physical partners.

  1. Men naturally vary of size (by silhouette).
    Mostly all our actions are sub-conscious. Notice when you are driving or moving in public, your eyes are scanning at about 180 degree view and hundreds of activities, people, cars, animals, signals while our mind is selectively picking out the information necessary for the current task of driving safely.

    The first information is just evaluated by shapes that brain recognizes, its not detailing. Nearly all men would agree, we have a thousand times simply located a female that we found attractive in this cacophony of rush. You didn’t know she was standing next to a post box with three distractions in front of her, partially camouflaging her. Your sub-conscious mind from a moving frame of silhouettes, picked out the shape of her toned attractive legs till her skirt, and filled in rest of the picture, it filtered this out of the blur (discarding anything that was not it).

    Your mind captured this vivid frame and you looked at her. The male body (as I treat it different from a spiritual intelligence) other than shown, works on many other scans of life.

    A large silhouette creates variness and signal of danger. The body’s response system changes with blood rushing to all the organs needed to activate a defence; to the brain, limbs, and fight or flight system. This drains the sexual organ of blood while stress adrenaline is created in the blood stream. Stress adrenaline causes sexual dysfunction. And it’s for a good reason, survival.

    Human species evolution system of the body is so fast, and automated over millenia’s perfection it is actually faster and more sophisticated than any AI we have created till date. When a man sees the big woman, while we spritually may find her a great partner (once we get to know her) the body normally will respond showing all the signs from its survival kit.

    The body isn’t thinking spiritually. Its an AI mechanism pre programmed to chaff out anything it considers bad for evolution. Our changing moralities over each era are inconsequential to it.

  2. Desire is youth and availability.
    Women biologically when not disturbing their hormones and body with junk food and over eating, extra sugars or dysfunction, are thinner, sharper, slender through their teens. So are men, but this is about women. As we grow older our bodies without the bad diet, will start to deteriorate in functions called aging. The dysfunction will lessen lean muscle, and have insulin issues storing more than usual fat. The cells will process nutrients inefficiently causing higher need for carbs to get more energy, causing high consumption of glucose and sugars.

    The process makes us and the women gain more fat as they age. Therefore the women who show signs of youth even at an older age represents premium genes, where the body is fighting off free radicals efficiently. It is cellular stage is much younger. Lean body represents availability in younger women who are youthful, yet it represents overall youth in older women.

    Bottomline, leanness is a medical sign of better genes and health, simply because it is processing cellular transactions efficiently. The male body is pre-designed to recognize it sun consciously.

  3. Smell of health (genes)
    I have covered this in previous point. The male body recognizes good health it can smell it out regardless of our spiritual intelligence level.
  4. Inclined to equipment, decline to sluggish.
    The male brain has focused on equipment that empowers. Since evolution we have learnt the value of better equipment. History is witness to winning and losing of civilizations caused by a better equipment of the adversary including physical built, weapon, tooling, agriculture, and societal as creation of fashion, ornaments (How Neanderthal disappeared).

    The internet is a modern equipment. Would you prefer a slow of fast connection please? Do we not move into a better OS as it comes and spend 800 dollars on a phone every year? Look at every technology we select sub consciously, including a frying pan that will heat and cook better, to the movie Joy, where the women entrepreneur created the cleaning broom stick that revolutionized the cleaning industry.

    It possibly lead to the thought of the vacuum cleaner. Look around, our fast cars, hybrids, or 3D printers. Our preference in civilization to whichever stage each culture may be is clearly on better equipment.

    The muscle system of our body is our equipment (other than the software at the brain). We recognize its value and prize it through its shapeliness. Fat hides the shape and quality of muscle which will blind the male A.I. body to its presence in an opposite sex.

  5. Adventurers by nature? Migrations need Agility.
    Through the expansion of our species, we have migrated across the world where modern humans are trying to conquer space. We are exploratory beings. All white Americans have migrated from Europe. All white Europeans migrated from Central Asia. All Central Asians came through the middle east, and all Middle Easterners came from Africa.

    Humans have been nomadic by nature carrying their family, homes (just like many Arab tribes still do) with them across vast plains, mountains and deserts.What a misfortune may befall on men where the woman is heavy and she cannot walk in step. It could mean disaster for survival for his entire family. In the days of hunter gatherers, you saved you family by running for miles from adversary groups that would kill you and the children and take your women as theirs. How misfortunate to have big women that will tire out in few miles as they catch up.  Such families possibly never survived.

    Agility is through leanness where body carries less weight and goes faster, further. This is another facet the evolved body has adapted in evaluating its partner, by itself. Without interference from the spiritual intelligence we are.

  6. More efficient is superiority.
    I partially cover this in the last point. Tribes win lands and resource through efficiency. It is ingrained in every act and step, decision we take. It is the same in finding a more efficient woman as a more superior being to an ineffient one in the existential sense. There is rarely an equal, everyone is either superior or inferior. As long as resource are limited, superiority is attractive. 
  7. Optimized sexual partner.
    A lean and light woman is by all means a more participative, on her toes, and physically better endowed to be more flexible in the act of sex. A large woman and man in the same bed will find difficulty in playfulness as a more lighter and agile woman would add to. She doesn’t have to worry about her weight, sex is no more weight lifting for her, its pure pleasure. This in turn heightens the act, relationship and offsprings.
  8. Standards of privilege.
    With all such great futures that make someone better, efficienty, superior, and desirable, to have that as your partner becomes a value of prestige, for men. Equally as women, they would love to enhance their own value through meeting a man that carries respect, power, admiration, and resources that other women would want to enjoy.
  9. From a privileged ancestry.
    A facet of evolution of human body is adaptability and response to it. A naturally fat body for both men and women unless there is a medicinal or habitual problem also reflects a third attribute, comfort and status of ancestry.
    Naturally lean people that do not add fat, had their DNA coding in the body programmed to focus more on living it up and not worring about availability of food, for a line of priviliged past of comfort and a plenty.

    Opposite are people that gain fat, reflecting an ancestry that lived in a famine condition. The body DNA code adapted to add fat as soon as possible, the first thing.

    One notices peoples of Europe, and even Asia do not gain fat. Yet, Africa, South Asia and poor nations have a lot more out of shape fat people. Now that these countries may have developed, yet their peoples gain fat first while even living in plenty conditions.

    The man’s body recognizes this to try and select a female that is from priviliged ancestry. Because that brings on more inherent intelligence.

    Intelligence doesnt mean here ability to make money. But these more intelligent beings are higher in creativity, intuition, sciences, and a lot more evolved spiritually. Since they didnt need to bother about availability of food that the ancestors of fat ones were struggling with in long past.

  10. Men mirror their own aspirations as quality.
    Men prize shape, strength, muscle and capability in their own sex. It is natural for them to admire the same a lot more in opposite sex. When men think of health the first attribute is mor muscular power, zero fat (technically less than 10 percent), square jaw line, broad forehead etc. Other than the body’s own real need of this for evolutionary success, its a great cultural focus of men.We spend a lot of our young lives working on it till late life. If we do not have it, we always aspire. Men prize women in similar specifications but on a feminine note. We still want to marry into the same species! But we want a reflection of our priorities in our mate.

There will be naysayers to this blog, and I only ask to not pick out each point if the idea falters in your mind. Understand the biology note, evolution, sub conscious and the premise we are two beings in one, the A.I. Body, and the Spiritual Intelligence.

There are people living happy sexless lives where they prize the spiritual being more. But without sex evolution will stop, race and species will die out. It is happening in Europe and Japan.

These are the ten reasons that the A.I. body of men will not ever fancy a big woman. Its an evolutionary death signal as it sees, until we find a different evolution, method, format then it could be possible.

This blog is not a judgement of a woman’s goodness or her place to enjoy a life, whether married or dating. This isn’t a moral scripture as what ought to be or it being culturally right. I have met good women (that are large) and they have provided me with direction at times, love as well, empathy. But that is all a spiritual and intelligence part of it. The species needs to realize we are not just our thinking spirit, the spirit is bound by the A.I. body whose own survival system is different, and a part of the evolution. There is no shame for the intelligent spirit to realize it’s body has a problem. However it must become its duty to try to correct it.

The problem here, is when the spirit is ignorant about the body, and thinks the body is her or him. That the ego (intelligence) is attached with the body, and you start making conclusions and culture to match ego.

I understand there are spiritual intelligence that are not strong enough to manouvre the body. At times, the received body isnt best. But here’s a hint. Every good body you see today, once was a bad one. Just like, go back to every rich man’s ancestry and you find the origin to be poor. The decision is not just to change yourself to match spirit with body, but also to give a direction for the body’s own DNA program to start adapting to your directions.

In coming generations, the body program will enhance. Similarly, people who have a great body program, but abuse it, would have their DNA code get corruption in next generations. Don’t take it to an ego. Understand evolution, and the human body. It’s intent to survive and thrive for the species. If you won’t, you’d just be outbred and non existent. A species way of eliminating anomalies.

Katy, closes her article with:

“Men don’t think they fancy bigger women because they don’t bother to even meet them (and have actually very little idea of what a size 16 really is) but trust me, when it comes to being hot, bigger women can have as much sex appeal as anyone else – and you’re missing out on all of it.”

She’s correct about men don’t bother, but completely wrong about what is sex appeal for men. “Katy, it may be a big deal from a female’s perspective on another female, but the men have a different biological take on this.”

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