Giving Narendra Modi a Break, he’s not that bad but nothing great either.

In this article I want to give Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister, a Break. List of Good things that the PMO has done that I appreciate. The aim of this article is, we are bashing up daily a man who we should not bash, or go and take his place, and outdo him, set an example.

  1. Reduction of customs duty from 35% to 9% and balance as GST. Input against that from sales. Allows us to charge only 9% duty to our customers now. Earlier I’d have to charge 35% + 14% on top of that.
  2. Placing a majority of businesses on “Bank and Cheque” from all Cash transactions (where a black market ran).
  3. Placing entire nation on “Banking” instead of all Cash sales. Even a carpenter makes about 1 Lakh/ month – in cash – and do not pay tax or TDS is deducted. A lot of so-called poor people, actually make a decent money (on contracts). Continue reading “Giving Narendra Modi a Break, he’s not that bad but nothing great either.”

Politicians mirror public opinion (Why blame the messenger)

Over the years we the citizens always bash and blame the messenger, which is, the politician. Mr. Obama rightly points out that politicians mirror the society. Therefore when we find a politician doing questionable acts and still going strength to strength, its time to reflect back and as are we anymore ready to stay with the tribe? Or it is time to move on with those that meets our current needs and values. Continue reading “Politicians mirror public opinion (Why blame the messenger)”