It’s not an analytical question, it’s inherent.

When you win, you take away someone’s pride. When you lose, you make others happy and need not lose your pride. Is the winner, in the end, a loser? The one who accumulates immense wealth, does so at the cost of many that remain utterly poor and needy and lose many well-wishers.

I haven’t seen many people wishing well for “winners”. Through misfortune we find camaraderie. Everyone loves a hard-working fellow and hates the man on the top; yet each mother and father hope was a winner to be born as their progeny.

In the end, a Villain is only a one that desires more than what the world is willing to share or that boasts. One realizes, it’s the weak against the strong from the womb to the grave where we end up standing with our inherent character, whichever side it may be. Look at our own Prime Minister, that as an underdog was voted to the top, and now we all want to punch him down to the ground because he shows strength, boasts and wants more. No one can escape it.

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