Giving Narendra Modi a Break, he’s not that bad but nothing great either.

In this article I want to give Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister, a Break. List of Good things that the PMO has done that I appreciate. The aim of this article is, we are bashing up daily a man who we should not bash, or go and take his place, and outdo him, set an example.

  1. Reduction of customs duty from 35% to 9% and balance as GST. Input against that from sales. Allows us to charge only 9% duty to our customers now. Earlier I’d have to charge 35% + 14% on top of that.
  2. Placing a majority of businesses on “Bank and Cheque” from all Cash transactions (where a black market ran).
  3. Placing entire nation on “Banking” instead of all Cash sales. Even a carpenter makes about 1 Lakh/ month – in cash – and do not pay tax or TDS is deducted. A lot of so-called poor people, actually make a decent money (on contracts).
  4. A focus on first-class facilities and experience. I know there will be an upheaval from Pop n Mom stores. But frankly, we all know what business happens in the local grocery store. All cash, no bill, tax theft. Plus violation of minimum wages.
  5. Factually other than employees (that just can’t in corporations), a majority of entire India was busy in tax theft, cash business. Of course, it affects the quality of living, facilities by the government, healthcare, education. Principally, demonetization (anywhere other than India was shameful dictatorial).
  6. People trying to work hard and do an honest business had inflated costs, while those on cash had half of it. It’s not a fair practice.
  7. All he did, was try and place Indian economy and system on a right method of business. On a nation of tax evaders. That economy went flat was probably not him, it was the period when entire tax evaders learn to place their business on right platform, and ofcourse their sales went into the dump.
  8. Many small businesses closed. Correct. All businesses that were unorganized, out of the system, without license, Tax codes or any accounting of what they are up to. But we blame Modi for the ills of small shops nationwide that had their time to improve or face the heat. Those who could change were the right people to do business.
  9. To compensate for it, he did offer a lot of sops. The fault and crack is in the public that is unable to innovate, think novelty instead of copies and tax frauds.
  10. The only thing I dislike in his actions is the coarse method used to get things done incl. abuse and violation of the constitution, strong arm. If the nation and people are divided, business is secondary.
  11. One can never truly know the magnitude of effort to change this large landmass, with 1.4 billion people with habits of breaking law, rules, evasions. Maybe there was a more intelligent way for him to achieve his goals.
  12. True he is focused on having most businesses owned and managed via corporations and big business. Yet that is also because big-business is in the position for dynamic change, large-scale employment, the setting of factories, investing in billions, and they think with higher standards. They have departments to meet quality control, standards and responsibility to government and consumers that they can’t run away from or will discount. Many small business will easily discount these responsibilities.
  13. Said that any small business that can operate meeting their responsibility has not had a problem. Filing GST is not an issue, my company files GST returns and its a cake walk (if you have the right instruments).

Which is the reason, with Modi it’s always “Mixed Emotions”. It’s like Larry Wildman flying off the cliff in my new Maserati. AKA You’d want him to go, but some really good things too will go away with it. + He’s an old’ man working at a difficult position like a Granpa. Some of us, young fellas should be doing what he is.

“To Modi”

Would I vote for BJP and Modi again? Possibly not. Why:

  1. He can’t handle foreign affairs. Pakistan, China, and everyone outwits and out does Modi. He’s good on controlling Indian institutions through sidewinders, but when it comes to addressing international situations, Modi is a sitting duck.
  2. He does not know how to use the strength or institutions or develop them. A Nation IS institutions and strong ones. In his focus, he is only weakening all institutions i.e weakening the country. It is like a Dad that never lets his kids become great adults they remain, retarded kids, even as they grow old. He is much too much intrusive.
  3. As a single man, he can only do so much while all crumbles around him. He isnt leadership material. Sure a bully bulldozer but not a Mr. Awesome. He follows Lee Kuan Yew, but LKW was loved by mostly everyone in Singapore and he uplifted everyone to first world standards.
  4. What we need is a different man on the throne, that is leadership material. Im afraid its not Mr. Modi. In his defence he’s a 1950s model, a granpa sort that should be retired, yet he’s trying to do a 40 year old man’s job. #MixedEmotions for you Mr. Modi.

PS: While I still appreciate Modi, I find his #Bhakts despicable. They actually destroy his good image more with their lunacy.

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