Is the modern liberalism a root cause of the ultimate demise of a western society?

I have read, watched and heard the neo liberals from a west point of view in the last year or so, extensively. There are heated debates, marked by aggravation and sarcasms to downright group bullying that will disagree with their ideologies. I have also seen conservatives contesting those ideas through different mouthpieces such as Stephen Crowder, Bill O Reilly, and equivalents.

The underlining debates that makes a liberal can be summed up as:

  1. Feminism and LGBTQ empowerment, over status quo, i.e. the male patriarchy.
  2. Empowering other associated whims and beliefs with FLGBTQ, in society. This in America also means dissemination of Gun laws and make all equally weak.
  3. Such considered a weaker society, thus, affiliation to the weaker sections via taxing the rich, and redistributing wealth to couch potatoes.
  4. Dissolving or targeting attributes of maleness, and his empowerment, by stripping off through common laws, if not that, then through progammed riots and propaganda.

Laws in western civilizations have already tilted a 100% towards the leader of propaganda the feminists who do appeal to all women as symbol of power even if they disagree. Its like white folks telling they’ll never vote for Trump in public then secretly vote him in, for his immigration agenda; or French upper class people loving in silence the underground movement in Nazi era, whilst outside accepting Germans.

The result of this is kids born in the last few decades have been sensitized to FLGBTQ, especially male kids. They have been brought up as weak, sensitive, and that will fight a cause that he has no reason to. For example, my dog is so well trained in hating Pigeons that I dont care anymore but his blood boils as he sees them. I had a problem with the birds because they created a havoc in my house, which I addressed, and Im fine now. Not my dog, he still hates them.

A civiliation and society to survive requires the best of both, masculinity and feminity, through the rightful vessels or carriers, i.e. the sexes. That is who we are as humans who have survived onslaught of evolution and the planet, through immense strength when you require, and love to fuel desire to exist and fight for.

In the current situation, females are taking up the role of masculinity, while they clearly dont have the right vessel by body or mind; and the new men, educated by feminism at source have lost their lineage of thought and behave as women by action and thought, thus unable to harness all the god given equipment to drive masculine strength.

This new segment is largely urban, because such belief system will not survive in conservative societies that are based out or rural or small towns where the value of religion and old ways is strong.

The point of sexes role isnt that one must control and destroy the other’s strengths. Here the role is to complement each other to survive and progress as a society and species. A very feminine woman doesnt mean she’ll be a door mat. If what we have seen under normalcy (lets not call criminal homes that do make her a door mat as normal, they need help) when the woman is at the right point of feminism, she exerts a powerful, the most powerful influence on society, though a different channel. She drives the direction of society.

I think where women got confused is, they saw the actions of society as power, such as voting rights or working and equal pay. (haha), These arent driving power at all. This is when you become a slave to the system and grind along.

The power of giving society a direction is a subtle power, but stronger than the government (which is probably why governments and there controllers wanted women to stop competing and joing the grind). Economies are run by masculinity, it needs muscle, toil, hard work and energy to take a hit and still move ahead. Governments give this economy a direction. The problem was the real feminine (not feminist) women were driving the home, creating an environment. The family was strong and the masculine male could easily fight for such a family against silent enslavement, even tyranny of the government.

The liberal movement goes well with feminism, in fact feminism is the vessel of driving liberalism to attain its overall aims. If women are stronger, smarter and beyond equals, it can only be proven by the ultimate test. Let no man join police and military. Let the feminist take on the positions as a soldier, make decisions as generals and fight hand to hand combat as commandos. At the least give them the power to run strategy in case of wars, even if they dont fight let them decide how aggression from other states are to be defended.

In case they win wars, every man on earth will believe they are beyond equal. If they lose, they will be the possession of another nation and booty of the war profits. So here’s my suggestion, your next kid, if she’s a daugter, enlist her in the army, the ultimate test.

At the least, let men no longer join military, if she doesnt, neither should you.

Liberalism isnt a fair game its actually shrewed, tactful, like “shatranj”. Which is why women use the advantages of credits, to win control. Its not really a fight against oppression any more.

The fight for women’s equality

Ill address this in another report. Because this is a part of propaganda by liberal. Note in this essay, I tell, we have roles, and women drove a direction into society. They were as powerful if not even more than the governments. Therefore a fake propaganda of equality. Earlier they were given the position of equality with government, now they are fighting for equality of servitude.  People are indeed like the sheep, if the propaganda machine throws a stone, they all run to pick it up without analysing they’re behaving as a herd of mindless sheep.

A funny thought is, that western civilization is facing two areas of aggression, the Islamic terror groups from outside, and FLGBTQ terrorism from inside. One is like a virus that can be fought, the other is like HIV or cancer eating away and making the body lose fighting ability for outside aggression. What will you do?

Anyway back to the point of the story, because arguments can cross both ways. Ill just speak the principle, that cannot be argued. Such as gravity or magnetism. Societies that interchange their strengths, end up with only their inherent weaknesses. Such societies, that will no longer complement the home are destined to fall. In that no outside society could have by aggression demolished the western civilization. The fall of each civilization at its peaks brews from inside, as it falls and withers.


  • If women want to work, they are free to toil the sweat.
  • The peak society of masculinity and feminity does mean control over each others actions, but complementing.
  • Societies wont succeed if its participants are busy tearing each other down, thats just a Dog Fight, where both get wounded and lose.

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