Ease of Doing business in India isn’t all that Easy as it Sounds. It’s walking on fire and shrapnel.

As businessmen and entrepreneurs, we have witnessed Indian Government making it more and more difficult to do business in India, while touting ease of business.

The actions by zero means meet what they say. It almost looks like those Nazi propagandas where they have a sinister idea, but they use false propaganda to cloak their real intentions. Where the mass media is meant for people in general who believe what they are fed. In this there is a creation of a top segment that ultimately controls every resource in the country and government is the tool to do that.

Look at the actions, not the words.

  1. Propaganda of black money by the people and businesses, instead of addressing elephant in the room, that is all the politicians and corrupt bureaucrats that engage in the king of corruption.
  2. Empowering tax authorities to crush a business owner at the same time making them free of any liability. Yes, you cannot take a bureaucrat to court over their work.
  3. Tax authorities brazenly extorting money by harassment or pay up. Isn’t it ironical that the department and government considers the people thieves, and then harass the life out so that they can extort money even if their accounts are in order? So ease of doing business in India. So ease.
  4. Banning cash by demonetization and enforcing regulations on transactions.
  5. Creating bottle necks in business, demanding multiple times the same paperwork, records and proofs for doing a single action.
  6. Requirement of proofs and paperwork, and associated documents, item by item, by quantity, sort of a mechanized manner for any transaction.
  7. Yearly Income Tax Scrutiny even to small companies that do not have power of large CA firms, and their harassment to produce three to four-year-old records and demanding every nut and bold, every proof and transaction. Or pay up a huge sum to get a clean chit. If you don’t pay, then harassment continues.
  8. Forget about merchant trade from India. When you cant even do a normal daily national and local business the proofs and scrutinies of international merchant trade is out of question.
  9. A burgeoning over-regulated government that is ever intrusive, ever harassing, that has taken the high road that all the people of country are corrupt, while giving itself a clean chit. A populist government mentality that appeases the poor and low income by demonstrating how its arm twisting the producer, the entrepreneur, the startup business, the inventor, the risk taker – who creates wealth.
  10. A government that believes it owns everything, even the businesses of people to such as extend it makes the business owner a slave to its whims and extortions.
  11. Where every contact with government shows only one aspect that it is the government that is corrupt at every step, using arm twist, and laws empowered by the state to the smallest bureaucrat. Where many bureaucrats have joined service to be the mercenary.
  12. All this trans mutates to the factor that India doesn’t want in reality any Startup business. It really does not want production, wealth and a free market economy and risk takers. India is not its people, India is its government and people are slaves to its whim. That as per government, the only ones that will be able to do anything have to be already big, who have money already, that will spend large sums in management of corruption, lawyers, chartered accountants and teams that can insulate them from the vile arms of the state.

When Congress was there in the new modern India, bureaucrats were corrupt, politicians too were so. However, it was possible to still work in India because over regulation was much lesser. The state of India, its government and its system was already high handed. With Modi Government the state  assumed the nature of the man on the seat. An all powerful state became excessive to its core literally creating hundreds and thousands of new laws to control everything. Where the state beyond intrusive became also the legislator of what will happen in India, in every sphere of life and people, from the thoughts you think to the life you lead or what you will own and how you will work.

The all powerful government and state will know every action and watch over everything with its hundreds of arms and eyes. Then call you often to strip you naked and show you your place, slap you around to let you know who is the boss.

I cant agree that Ease of doing business in India is better than before. It’s not. The market and the engines have come to a halt. The mindless state has no idea how its crushing under its own weight as well because what it doesn’t know or willing to accept is the government is of the people, without the people there is no government.

I often see dreamy people, newbies that think of getting into business, a new idea, and taking that risk, because they are free then. I.e. they haven’t met the State. A decade into the activity, and then some, we find these people trying hard to deal with state and the business. Ofcourse if you are great in corruption, you will be free to pay and play. So, corruption in the system is fixed by making is legitimate.

You really cannot do anything in India as a business if your modus operandi is an honest business, although the state demands an honesty, only to tax everything you got. And them over that tax comes the income tax extortions, and all the costs you pay to CA firms to avoid someone making you pay if you do not pay.

Maybe India has reached 70 from 130 at ease of business if we consider how worse this segment already was. To get a perspective, of shouting No. 70 over the top, lets realize a country called Rwanda from Africa is at 41, Mongolia at 62, and Mexico at 49. If you had to think about doing an international business what would one consider doing it in Mongolia or Rwanda, you never know! India was behind Iran at 124 a year ago. The neighbors of No. 70 are El Salvador, Kenya, China, Panama, Puerto Rico.

The news across the world India has hit Number 70 from 100 has been flashed by the current government, for Ease of Doing Business. My research shows otherwise, the 2017 report link https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IC.BUS.EASE.XQ?locations=IN India is at 100 number.

The 2018 report by World Bank shows India still at 100. If someone can find a report other than 2018 by world bank of world bank that shows India at 70, please send me a link.

The Modi government is sending PR release that Ease of Doing Business in India has gone to 70, which I cannot find anywhere. The release was a tacit lie, a strategy statement. We are all hearing India has moved to 70, when in reality its still at 100 and the only thing that has gone to a mediocre 70 is:

“The biggest improvement was in the ‘Getting Electricity” sub component with India’s rank jumping to 70 in 2016 from 137 the year before in the 139 country ranking.“

Read more at:


Which is what this government is all about, tacit lies, strategic statements counting on the stupidity of its population, how inaccurately that’s different.

The bottomline is India is Not going into Ease of business. Its government does not know what that means. It does not know how that works. Try to tell an ambitious carpenter to build a Rocket engine. All he will probably to is make a bad wooden rocket that burns itself out and kills a few. Ah too bad.

So the benefit of having Congress is they let professionals do the job, which works sort of like a democracy a system of checks and balance, and we remain safe at least if not successful. The danger with the phrase Bandar ke Haath me Bandook, is at this moment we are just unsafe and the only one we can turn to is the Almighty.

For ease of business, I recommend, everyday pray like you never prayed before. You and I need every miracle. Grace, and blessing to remain insulated with this new over aggressive, high handed, over regulatory, dangerous, extortionist, mindless and illiterate government that is running an all powerful one sides state machinery.

I was one of the dreamy eyed entrepreneur who didnt know any better. What I should have done is walked out of this country to a real land of people that are a higher version of human race. Like most of my buddies did. I also assure by no happiness I remain and work here. Every day of work is a karma, a penalty and going through hell. I hope my Karma will soon be cleansed and I can move out to a place with better people, better government who respect success, entrepreneurship, and are generally good folks. It ain’t In Di Ya, time served.

Easy, Breezy. Let’s call it a Russian Roullette. Join if you like the game!

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